Avoid Paying Capitol Gains

Make 1031 Exchange Work for You

Discover the Benefits of 1031

Smart 1031 Exchange Investing

Reinvest 100% of your equity for income

Avoid the confusion of multiple calls by working with us

Initial Cash Flows from 6.0% - 8.0%

Transition from management-intensive real estate

Non-Recourse Financing in place (30-75% LTV)

Close Escrow in as little as 2-3 Days


As a free bonus,  you will receive our “Do’s and Don’ts Guide to 1031 Exchange Investing

“My advisor was knowledgeable, experienced and timely.  He matched my requirements with good reinvestment choices to complete my 1031 Exchange on time.  Thank you again!!”

Mr. & Mrs. Hopson

Request 1031 Property Information

Request 1031 Property Information