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1031 Wealth Advisors will connect you to a seasoned 1031 professional and robust reinvestment property analysis. Our experts can provide access to an extensive list of vetted and off-market replacement properties, including triple net properties, bank-owned properties, discounted real estate, fractional real estate interests (DST), and DST properties structured for a potential UPREIT.  For more information on this process contact us.

 Whenever considering a 1031 exchange into a DST, it is important to consult with a professional who has sufficient experience to identify the most suitable investments to help you reach your financial goals. DSTs have become an increasingly popular investment vehicle in recent years. Some representatives lack a breadth of experience that spans both periods of market expansion and contraction. Experienced real estate professionals understand the vital importance of recommending only the options that will best serve their clients in times of feast and in times of famine.

“My advisor was knowledgeable, experienced and timely.  He matched my requirements with good reinvestment choices to complete my 1031 Exchange on time.  Thank you again!!”

Mr. & Mrs. Hopson

Request 1031 Property Information

Request 1031 Property Information